About Us

Shalini Ahuja is a Luxury Vegan Leather Couturier promoting sustainability by using Eco Alter Nappa Vegan Cruelty free Leather and faux fur. Eco Alter Vegan Leather promotes durability, lowers wastage and sustainability. Shalini Arts encourages fair trade practices and Artisans development to sustainability by giving employment to rural Artisans. Globally recognised for her work she has done Fashion shows in New York , Los Angeles, London , Paris , Milan , Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Cannes during Cannes Film Festival France . She has been part of Global Entrepreneurship Summit , GES 17 Co hosted by USA Govt where she shared space with gorgeous Ivanka Trump, Cherie Tony Blair and other eminent entrepreneurs from around the world. Her latest Fashion show in Cannes during Cannes Film Festival was spectacular. Beauties from around the world graced the show in her gorgeous collection. Miss Europe, Miss Greece, Miss Russia and Miss Bosnia walked gracefully for Shalini's Show.

Her Fashion show in New York in 2017 was widely inspired by vintage & contemporary Hollywood fashion and style . Hollywood celebrities like Candice Zhao have graced Shalini Ahuja's Show in New York 2016. She was invited to share space with designers from around the world promoting sustainability at Amsterdam in 2015. In the same year Shalini presented her collection at Los Angeles fashion week ( LAFW 2015). Shalini's collection at London in 2014 had futuristic linear patterns on Vegan Leather and Organic Azo dye free Canvas. Her collection at Milan had one of the finest Vegan Leather pieces adorned with Victorian age mother of pearl Cameos in 2012. Her first international collection was showcased at Paris in 2010 followed by Hong Kong Fashion week.

Shalini Arts is synonymous with beautiful craftsmanship, Exceptional quality and sustainability. The conviction of Art and Fashion made the designer come up with her label Shalini Arts. Love of Beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is Art. Shalini Ahuja
Shalini Ahuja